With our wide selection of work trousers, ranging from full stretch slim fits to high visibility shell pants, in 71 different sizes, you can rest assured you can find the trouser that works for you. We know a work trouser has to be a lot of things. Keep you comfortable, carry your essentials and protect your knees and legs from debris and hazards of the workplace. And look good, without limiting your movability when climbing a ladder, dropping to your knees or squeezing into the car. Our new full 4-way stretch trouser is a true all-rounder that delivers great comfort and limitless movability. With 4-way stretch throughout and CORDURA® reinforcements on the knees, these slim-fit trousers stretch in every direction, retain the perfect fit over time, and last many days on the job. All our trousers have a comfortable normal fit, but there is a slight difference between the models. The necessary functions apply for all models, but the trousers in the Ultimate and Dynamic concepts have more advanced features and materials. Here is an overview to help you find what suits you best. At Fristads, we know the difference stretch can make to your Our new range of trousers with either stretch panels, or made entirely of stretch materials are functional, comfortable and exceptional quality in a perfect symbiosis. It should not matter what you do for a living if you want all this, so we have developed stretch trousers for a number of professions where the demand is high. These are found below. Don’t hesitate and do as Blåkläder, go stretch. comfort at work. That is why our new LWS garments are made completely out of lightweight, 4-way stretch materials that give you the ultimate freedom of movement. Naturally, our LWS craftsman trousers and shorts have all the practical functions of traditional craftsman garments. We have combined comfort and flexibility without compromising on the iconic Blåkläder design. All our trousers in 4-way stretch are carefully developed so that you can realise yourself without restrictions. Blåkläder´s modern, functional and comfortable trousers with stretch panels keep you looking your best, even when you are working hard. The trousers are made in several different materials such as denim, lightweight, CORDURA® NYCO, CORDURA® Denim, Ripstop or cotton. Available in a variety of colours and models making it easy for you to find your favourite.
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  1. Брюки софтшелл мастера
    Начиная с 12 365,01 RUB
  2. Брюки мастера стрейч X1900
    Начиная с 13 644,15 RUB
  3. Женские брюки стрейч
    Начиная с 4 775,45 RUB
  4. Брюки от дождя УРОВЕНЬ 2
    Начиная с 7 589,56 RUB
  5. Брюки от дождя Уровень 2
    Начиная с 5 287,11 RUB
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