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FR underwear

Regardless of activity and opportunities, FR underwear have a base for you! Choose lingerie in merino wool if you want to stay warm outside in the winter cold, and dense synthetic material if you want to stay active. Partly for comfort reasons, but also depending on what you are going to do feel safe, secure and protected while working. . We have an abundance of Flame Retardant underwear and FR underwear and we believe it is important to choose the right one. For intense workouts, we have many options that are well ventilated and dry quickly.

What size should I wear an undershirt?

Flame retardant underwear top in high quality merino wool and synthetic materials. If you are freezing, choose a thicker undershirt that will keep you warm. In addition, we have a lot of clothes made of high quality materials that are stylish enough to wear to work! The base is an indispensable undershirt for those who remember that the base should heat and transport moisture away from the body, and should also be tight.

Flame Retardant underwear

Flame retardant boxer shorts is made of advanced heat and flame the highest quality of clothing design it is recommended to use the "layer by layer" principle. Then start with FR underwear that dissipates moisture, as the first fleece Base Layer - Flame Resistant is relatively tight against the body. Then briefs with inherent flame protection to wear as underwear for a second layer with fleece Base Layer - Flame Resistant and warming properties, such as a thicker linen or a fleece tank top Flame retardant thermal top with a feminine cut, made of high-quality merino wool.

Base Layer - Flame Resistant Flame Retardant underwear
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